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Kit Decomat

Lékué child Launches Version Decomat kit for the smaller house with figures decorate their chocolate desserts.
Different themes that give the finishing touch to each recipe.
For children, participate in the development of any type of dessert is quite an experience and a way to enter the world of the kitchen in a didactic. Specifically, the final touch of the recipe allows them to unleash their imagination with colors and patterns.
To the little ones of the house to take full advantage this time, Lékué presents Decomat Kids Kit (RRP € 30), a complete pack creative with fantastic figures that can prepare chocolate.
Animals, princesses and connections: players in the decoration
The kit includes four figures templates with different themes for children. May be created from animals, such as fish, snails, and sea lions, or transport, such as cars, bikes, planes and boats, until elements or icons of a world of princesses: glass shoes, diamond rings, castles or crowns. A variety of shapes that children can prepare with the help of DECOPEN, a single tool to melt the chocolate and draw without staining!
Invite youngsters to participate in this sweet activity following a simple process: should only choose a template, place it under the transparent silicone mat, draw the outline of each figure with the previously melted chocolate and let the DECOPEN cool in the refrigerator. After a while, it will be only figures mat removed carefully and place them in any kind of dessert.
The Kids Decomat Lékué kit is designed to engage children in a fun session in the kitchen, always with adult supervision. 


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